STAAD.Pro Connect Edition Training

Course Description

STAAD. PRO is a new tool for Civil Engineering Students which is in huge demand now a days. There is a growing demand for well-skilled civil Engineering professionals and in the near future the demand will increase more. Already the sector is booming. The companies are looking for competent, skilled and technically strong Civil engineering professionals but somehow the skills and techniques that industries expect from the candidates are either lacking or not up to the mark as per the standards of the industry. Staad.Pro is a structural design oriented program with a user interactive interface which allows for the user working on it extremely easy.

It can be used for modelling, designing and analysing various structures and structural configurations. It is extremely useful for buildings and other such structures insignificant of their uses varying from residential to commercial to hospitals to offices. This software can be used for all kinds of buildings of various architectural drawings under a plethora of loads. Other than buildings, it is also useful for bridges to some extent and also foundation design and analysis. Shear wall is another feature incorporated into it for design facilitation. Steel buildings and connections can also be designed and successfully rendered to view the real-life resembling images for detailed clarity.

A great command and knowledge of STAAD.Pro along with the design and structural analysis knowledge is a boon for any civil aspirant ensuring a high probability of successful placements in good companies with good pay-scale.

Course Highlights:


  Understanding of plans, structural terms

  Graphical display of software

  Application or use of software

  STAAD Pro's user interface

Course Duration:

  25 Hours Theory

  20 Hours Project work

  Detail study of commands

  Understanding of loads and moments

  STAAD Pro's detail understanding of menu

  Help of menu STAAD Pro

  Help of menu STAAD Pro